Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Good Morning

I just felt I needed to pop here and let you all know I am still alive.
Sorry I have not been posting over the last few months.
Some people know why. I will just say that my Life has been turned upside down and my crafting has all been put away for now, hopefully I will find the interest in it again one day.
But at this time I have no interest what so ever.
I have tried going to see crafty friends, I have purchased mags etc etc in the hope that it helps my mojo return.
But instead I have a barrier come up and it stops me.

I do pop and look at peeps blogs now and then.
I am plodding along taking each day as it comes as that's the best way for me at this time.
big hugs to all my crafting friends and blog followers.
I will return just don't know when.

Bev xx