Monday, 21 July 2008

what a lovely morning

wow Woke this morning to beautiful sunshine here in Hauxton.
today plans firstly we have to go and pick up mother in laws dog, she has gone away til Friday. left early this morning. so we are having her 3 yr old lab stay with us. mmmmmmmm now we have agreed to this thinking that our dear Ozzy may pick up some good points from him. on the other hand he may not. I am dreading it. can cope with one woofie but not sure about two.
I have a few card orders to do as well, if the woofies let me.
I also want to have ago at the poppy that Jak posted on here blog. so kind of her to share it with us.
well I had better go and get some jobs done before we go and get the darling little sky.
will post some pictures of him later.
take care all and enjoy your day.


Bev xx

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