Saturday, 9 August 2008

Morning just

just thought I would pop in a say hi. not much card making going on today.At the moment the it is dry out so hopefully will get the grass cut, it needs it badly. although there seems to be more daisies and clover in it. just cut but loads of rubbish around the area that its sams garden.(sam was our dear welsh border collie , we had to have him put to sleep back in march)stinging nettles were over taking. now I have nettle stings over my hands and wrists and I had gardening gloves on.
this evening we are going over to my sister in laws for a BBQ so lets hope the rain holds of till late this evening. well I have just about drunk my coffee, so I had better get out there and carry on. hope Andy aint out to long as he is filling petrol can for lawn mower while he is out.
well TTFN, hope everyone has a fab weekend

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