Saturday, 2 August 2008

yuk its wet out

well it looks like the sun has disappeared. its wet and cold here in Hauxton. so pleased I got my washing all done yesterday.
so today I have done a few jobs, nipped and got dog food and treats for Ozzy. He loves his chewy bones which are really helping with his teething at the mo.He has now lost his top front and bottom teeth which are now growing back. bless him. he sits at the mo having a good chew on his bone.
I have today been having a play with decorating a candle. Its going to be one of those things that I will have to play and practice. I have managed to decorate one, but it has run on the edge of the picture. don't know if I used wrong ink or heated it to long. but it was fun. something I wont give up on, practice makes perfect as they say.
this evening we plan on a nice quiet one, Hayley is going on a sleep over and Simon has gone to santa pod for the weekend, there is a ultimate street car show on. There is 15 off them gone together and camping there. something tells me they may be getting wet, and don't think one of them took any coats or waterproofs. but then that is teenagers for you.
Anyway here is my attempt at decorating a candle.

I am pleased with outcome for first attempt but know they can be better.
hope everyone has a good weekend and plenty of crafting.



Margaret A said...

Love the candle,'s something I've yet to try.

Cazz said...

The candle is very nice hun xxx

Hope you enjoyed your quiet night in xx