Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Good Morning

Good Morning all. Think We should all go back to bed. It's wet out.
But on another note , back to school for Hayley. where have those six weeks holidays gone. but before we know it they will be on half term again.
Hayley is going into year ten. so she is now starting her GCSE's. She has decided to do
GCSE P.E, Graphics, Cooking , and the last is YAS(Youth award Scheme)
Also the normal ENglish,Maths,Science and P.E.
She was telling me last night she will have 6 hrs a week of PE. She is really looking forward to that. Before I know it my little girl will be left school.
Its hard to believe that Simon has been left for over year now,He is loving his job as a landscape gardener. apart from when its raining.
Well looks Like I have a day to myself, Hayley just left for school, Simon is about to go to work(how long he will be out god knows with this rain) and Andy is going off to Play golf(rather him than me). So I am going to get some H******** done, catch up with a friend for coffee. And then if i'm not out at hers to many hours(I say hours as we haven't had a catch for a while ) believe it or not she lives in the same street.So anyway if I have time I plan to do some card making.I have the cuttlebug Xmas tree folder I want to play with.
Well I think I have been going on long enough. I hope everyone has a great day whatever you are doing. Cazz if you read this I hope you dont get to wet out on ya bike today hun.

Bev xx

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