Monday, 6 October 2008

sorry not blogging much

I am not doing a good job at the moment with my blog. I am still upside down here. My kitchen still isn't finished and it will be 4 weeks on wednesday. Its driving us all mad now. its just been problem after problem. just pleased it isn't us paying for it.
I am missing making cards something rotten. I can see they are getting there and its just silly things that need sorting. we are also battling with the company to replace our flooring which they should have protected, now they are saying that there was marks in it before the started. yes there was 2 small ones that you wouldn't no were there unless we pointed them out. now there are big marks. so the fight will continue, even if we have to go to the papers about them.
so until I get my kitchen back and the rest of my house cleaned and straight again, I will have no new cards to show off.Hopefully not to long.

Bev xxx


Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Oh Dear Bev, hope things move along quickly now and you get the flooring issue sorted. Good Luck

Chris x

Toni said...

hope things get a move on Bev and you can get back to normality