Saturday, 22 November 2008

need to pull my finger out

12.25 am and I have just been hopping round looking at peoples blogs. I have seen some wonderful cards. And its made me think ............Pull ya finger out Bev.
I haven't made any cards yet and not even purchased one christmas present. someone please give me a kick up the backside.
I must make a note to join in with some challenges too, as I haven't done any for ages.

As soon as I get jobs done I will get on , I must or I will be panicking.
No I am panicking already.
so now I am going to go to bed.
there will be some cards on here next week, if not someone tell me off.

Bev x


Louise Emma said...

Consider this post a very big kick up the butt! Get in gear girl... only 30 odd days till Christmas!!!

sheffsue said...

You're not the only one not bought any pressies yet..I've got a few birthdays to sort first. Now you know why I'm doing the's the only way to get my backside into gear to make any Christmas cards this year.
Nice to see you back blogging.

Sue x

Cazz said...

Come on girl - get a move on LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Cazz said...

Pop over to my blog - I have some thing for you xx

wintersparkle said...

Bev can I share your kick im a bit further ahead than you but think my xmas will be in Febuary at the rate i'm crafting at lol