Tuesday, 10 March 2009

how lovely

I have just recieved this award from liz at my wee scottish corner
what a wonderful award and so kind of liz to think of me.
Now I have to pass this onto 5 of my friends
so here goes
1 Toni for her amazing work
2 jools admire her robo cards,wish I had one.
3 Joanie to thank her for all her tuts with psp and sharing her wonderful sheets with people.
4 val for the hard work she has put in getting her wedding invite order done.
5 I am going to leave this one open to any of my followers who would like it just to say a big thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.

Now I just want to say sorry for not posting much of late.My life is starting to get back on track abit. And a couple of weeks back we got ourselves a new puppy. he is now 11 weeks old and a total bundle of fluff. I am getting excited as he is allowed to go out for walks as from Thursday, so cant wait. we have already got him sitting and waiting b4 he has his dinner. and he will sit when told. loves to cuddle up to you. anyway I will shut up now and show you a couple of pics

His name is Tazz, he is a border collie. and has slight blue merle in him. will be interesting when he grows up to see what colours come in his coat.
Anyway I wont go on any longer. will post some cards tomorrow as the light isn't right now.


val090 said...

Wow thanks for the award Bev, I'll post later, I've been in here all day again, and OH will think I've left home lol

Love Tazz we've only ever had rescue dogs and they've all been about 2 yrs old when we've had them, so never had a puppy..............I bet it's like having a new baby again.

Joanie said...

Thank you so much for my lovely award Bev, and thank you for thinking of me
Joanie xxxx

Louise Emma said...

He is gorgeous Bev and am really glad to hear that you are starting to get back on track, I am sure Tazz will help with that.

magic boxes said...

My heart has just skipped a beat - isn't he gorgeous! One of my two Shelties is a blue merle and these pics remind me of when my two were small. Adorable.

Elaine x