Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I'm still alive

just been very busy with work and family life.
so I haven't done much blogging just lately.
but hey ho that's life, just wish I could have a few more hours in the day to do what I want. this month has been abit hard as it would have been my dad's birthday on the 5Th June. it was a hard day, but Andy and myself got together with mum, my sister and her hubby Paul in the evening , and we had a nice Chinese and a drink or two. it was a lovely evening. now I am struggling again as it is coming up for father's day and I have a few orders for cards, but finding it hard to get motivated to make them.
I know it will end up being a rush to make them.
I did manage to get a few hours to spend with Fred said. and here are my creations. two of them I have done similar to ones that are on Fred's blog, and the other was done following a sketch which was put on the forum of a website that my local craft shop has.


Happy Crafter said...

These are Yummy cards Bev love all of them:)
Val xxx

My'scardcorner said...

3 beautiful cards Bev especially like the blue one it is so striking:0) Hope you get through Sunday Ok 1sts are always hard:0)

Merry said...

What stunning flowers you have created...lovely cards.