Monday, 7 June 2010

Blog Award

Wow look what I got yesterday from Rosie a special blogging friend.
Thank you so much Rosie, so kind.

Now there are some rules to follow for this award....

1. Thank and link the person who gave you the award
2. Display the award on your blog
3. Tell 6 lies and one truth about yourself or vice versa
4. Nominate 7 others and leave a message letting them know.

So here goes 6 lies, one truth.
1, Really don't like Magnolias.
2, I cant stand football.
3, I don't like blogging or facebook.
4, Hate chocolate.
5, I'm not addicted to coffee.
6, I'm not a big brother Fan.
7, I love my husband to bits.

I think I may look abit like Pinocchio. lol

Anyway the 7 people I am going to pass this award onto are....


Thanks for dropping by. I will be back later with my Fairymoon challenge card.


shellshearer said...

Thank you so much hun, I wil get a post on my blog tomorrow xxx

hugs shell xx

Bev said...

Thanks hun, and also for the chuckle lol x