Friday, 2 July 2010

My Baby girl

All grown up.
Tonight my daughter has her school prom. I am soooo proud of her and love her to bits. she has had me in tears, and because I started I started her off.
I just cant believe she has now left school. god they grow up so quick.

I have taken so many photos in such little time tonight.

thanks for stopping by.


Rosie said...

Oh Bev that time comes round so quick. It only seems last week you take them to their first day at school, and then you turn around and they are leaving.
She looks so lovely, hope she has a good time. Rosie x

Pamela said...

She looks beautiful Bev, hope she had a lovely evening.

Pam x

Jo Davies said...

Oh Bev, sucha proud moment!, she looks wonderful. Hugs Jo xxxx

Suzette said...

Fab dress and a beautiful Daughter, hope she had a smashing time.

Suzette x