Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Card Party

Last night I took all my cards around to mother in laws, she also held a chocoholics party too. She had a fab turn out of people. And I made a nice little bit on my cards which I was well chuffed with.
And I ordered some yummy chocs too. Roll on 2 weeks when I can have a good pig out lol. Got some banana flavoured choc coming, thought it sounded yum, lets hope so.
Anyway thought I would show ya a few pics

Close up of some of my cards
Whole table (around 250 cards)

Some scarves that I knitted (knitted with chunky needles)

I now have a few cards orders to get stuck into.
Thank you for stopping by. Hope you all have a fab day

Bev xx


Debbi said...

Cards AND Chocolate...pure heaven!

Donna said...

congratulations Bev on selling some of your cards, I bet you were pleased as punch, always a good feeling, and then to spend it on banana chocolate, it sounds yummy....are you gonna share.
Hope you are keeping well. I got a chance tonight to finally catch up with a few blogging buddies, hope you are keeping well.
Donna xx

Dawn said...

Bev, take a look here

It will be wirth your