Monday, 24 January 2011

Such a proud mum

Oh I am so proud of my youngest.
Hayley started a apprenticeship course in hairdressing last September. she goes to college on a Monday then rest of week works in a shop.
She just goes from strength to strength.
Anyway the last few months she has been preparing for a competition at college. She had been let down a couple a times by models and only found someone that promised she wouldn't let her down 2 weeks ago.
Anyway to was d day and she came ...................................................

3rd in her group.
She came out of college grinning from cheek to cheek tonight when I picked her up.
Here's a cpl of pics of her model
The theme she had to do was Glam rock chic, she also had to choose clothes and do make up.

Back of hair

Hayley's Model Phie, hair, make up and dressed for judging

Way she is going wont be long before I am letting her loose with the scissors on my eeerrrr

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Bev xx

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Axa said...

that is awesome. :)