Monday, 27 April 2009

sorry and have no excuse

Really really sorry to you all, what a bad blogger I have been.I don't have an excuse to why I haven't done any blogging for a while. well I do, I have been busy with cards and going to post some in a min. but also the other reason and its not a good reason, facebook had taken over what spare time I had, yes facebook how bad is that, there are a number of games on there that I have been hooked on and I'm not the only one. you all know who you are.
Anyway here are my recent cards, made loads but not going to post them all.
here are a couple I made with Jak's build a blossom sheets, if you haven't yet seen these sheets you must pop over to her blog crafters kitchen

The next to cards are made using the bookatrix board.

This card was made for a cpl who renewed their wedding vowels due to the husbands being very ill and they never had a proper wedding, so they done it all again having all their grandchildren play a big part in their day. went down to the church to have a nose, and they all looked beautiful. I got a lump in my throat just seeing them walk into church. I? think it was probably a emotional day for all them.

This card was made for a friend for her 40th,from her children. she has ordered many of these cards from me, and always said I hope my kids will get me one of these for my birthday, so they did. I hope she liked it.


shellshearer said...

bev they are all gorgeous hun....I think i've got over my facebook addiction happens to us all

My'scardcorner said...

Cards are lovely Bev Jaks blossoms are so versitile

sarah seaman said...

Facebook!!1 what more can you say??? i wonder if they have a special club bit like AA LOL
tazz is a little gorgous thing and your cards are fab well done

Louise Emma said...

Wow, love the bookatrix's hun x They are fabulous x