Thursday, 17 December 2009


Well the weather man is right this time.They said this morning that east Anglia were going to get snow and we have. we have had loads. but I wish it was next week.
Its the first time our dog Tazz has seen snow and he loves it. we have had a laugh here this evening watching him,but now its getting to much as he just wants to be outside, keeps sitting by the back door. but its toooooooooo cold to be out there.
The roads are bad, doesn't look like gritters have been out. now we will see if the school is open in the morning. although I cant see the point as they finish at lunch time anyway.
Here's a few pics I have taken this evening of Tazz playing.

It is so cold out and windy. we have had power cuts too.
Who knows I may get to build a snowman with my daughter tomorrow.


Craftyanny said...

Looks like it's quite deep Bev:)
Rather you than me lol

Joy said...

We've got it too. I love the way dogs are fascinated by it.

Louise Emma said...

Just wanted to come on here and wish you a very merry christmas and hope that 2010 is a fab year for you xxxxxxxxxxxx