Saturday, 2 January 2010

Lets hope this year will be kinder

I would like to think this year is going to be a kinder year all round.
I can not believe that its nearly a year since I lost my Dad and my little 9 month old puppy Ozzy. Alot of friends will remember what January last year was like for me.......
Lost my dad unexpectedly, then my pup had to have an operation he then got peritonitis,and after 4 days in intensive care we had to have him put to sleep and then my car got hit all in matter of 15 days. To be honest the whole year was total hell.
So here's hoping that this yr will be better.
I am going to try to be a better blogger this year. Would like to say I would post a new card every day, but I am not going to say that will happen.
I have to get some wedding invitation samples made over the next couple of weeks and a pearl wedding Anniversary.
Also waiting Patiently for a email from my craft shop Fairymoon crafts to say all my order is in...........The new papermania capsule papers and embellishments. the new papers are yummy. Hopefully that will be in the next few days.
We have had a a lovely break from work to. Although working from home can be a problem at times. We have turned the ringer off on the business phone and we have a few answer phone messages waiting. And alot of emails too. So looks like we are going to be busy next week. Sometimes we feel that people think cos we run our business from home we dont have a life. How someone can think about ringing on a bank holiday is beyond me. Some people just dont think. We didn't have much of a holiday during the yr and was determined christmas was going to be a relaxing one. And my it has been lovely. Just what the doctor ordered.
Anyway I am going to shut up now before I really start to ramble.
I hope everyone has a good year. tc all
Hopefully next time I post it will be a card.

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camcraft said...

Oh Bev. I really hope 2010 is good and kind to you. I was so sorry to read of all your sad news from last yr.
Good luck with getting your samples done. Not seen the papers in real life as yet - maybe when things a little calmer here I hope to get to the shop and have a gander. How wonderful that you have managed to have a break from work - I havn't managed a holiday in over 5 yrs. - so can much appreciate how much time off means.
Carole x