Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Good Morning

I just felt I needed to pop here and let you all know I am still alive.
Sorry I have not been posting over the last few months.
Some people know why. I will just say that my Life has been turned upside down and my crafting has all been put away for now, hopefully I will find the interest in it again one day.
But at this time I have no interest what so ever.
I have tried going to see crafty friends, I have purchased mags etc etc in the hope that it helps my mojo return.
But instead I have a barrier come up and it stops me.

I do pop and look at peeps blogs now and then.
I am plodding along taking each day as it comes as that's the best way for me at this time.
big hugs to all my crafting friends and blog followers.
I will return just don't know when.

Bev xx


Lisa Jane said...

Oh how lovely to hear from you Bev.. i did wonder if you were ok.
You just take your time.. and i am sure when the time is right you will return to crafting and it will help you . I know it has helped me through some rough times .
Thinking of you and always here if you need a chat
Lisa Jane xx
ps my new blog is -http://mymakesnme.blogspot.com/
( i used to be Mess2magic) - had to close that down after threats from someone .

Hazel (Didos) said...

Take your time if you stress out about it Mr Mojo will keep hiding, Take care and big hugs, Hazelxoxo

Sheila said...

Have been thinking about you lots Bev! So sorry that you are not crafting at the mo but when you are reqady you will be back better than everI am sure. Hoping whatever has caused this break for you is not too hard to deal with hun! Thinking of you andwishing you well very soon, Sheila:)X ((((hugs to you)))))

Pamela said...

Hi Bev, sorry to hear you have had an upset and hope things soon get better for you. We sometimes need to take time out. Hope to see you back again soon.

Pam x

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Thinking of ya hun & sending ya huge huge hugs xx

Anonymous said...

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Germaine Ferrao -Lenn said...

Sorry to hear your news, your mojo will return, in the meanwhile, take care of yourself, and hope all is well with you and family!! and it is not too serious!! keeping you in my thoughts! Hugs always! G

Anonymous said...

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Dora said...

Hey Bev, was thinking about you.. take care, hope your mojo will return soon. Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

simply dropping by to say hello