Sunday, 13 July 2008


Firstly this is a card I finished today for a friend who's parents celebrate their golden Anniversary next week.

just done the normal boring things on saturday, yes you have it the swear word that begins with H.

Last night went into town with my hubby, sister and her hubby for a lovely meal . we went to the lucky star, chinese, resturant pay so much and eat as much as ya like, mmmmmmm it was yummy, but think we ate a little to much. we had a lovely evening.

Oh and if Cazz reads this.............just tell bernie we know how hard he works now........propping up the Bin (lol) bless him. I hope his evening stayed quiet for him and there was no trouble.

Today we have been for a nice long walk with ozzy, he loves going out. especially in the car.

He has been really good, starting to understand No and leave abit more now.

not really done much else today, updated my website with may and junes cards, but otherwise had a lazy afternoon just how sundays should be.

hope everyone else has enjoyed their weekends.


Bev xx


Cazz said...

LOL - he did get the message when he went back up to the office - his phone was on charge as I thought it was. There was a bit of trouble later on in the evening but they sorted it. Glad you had a nice evening xx

Bev said...

It's gorgeous hunny- so classy

Liz said...

Gorgeous card Bev, love the bookatrix cards. x

Agnes said...

gorgeous card