Thursday, 31 July 2008

Blog Candy

no not from me sorry, I am still getting to gribs with this blogging stuff.
but if ya want to see whats up for offer just click the link

worth the look if ya like to rubber stamp.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

had a play with fred's flowers

Morning all. my its nice and cool this morning. still have the sun, but we also have some wind so its alot cooler which is nice.
well as my title says.............
had a spare afternoon on Saturday so decided to have a play with fred's flower.
I love them. Also at long last I invested in the swiss dots folder for the cuttlebug.
why did it take me so it, but then I love my bug and should really use it more.
Anyway here are my fred said cards,

I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to browse my blog. have a nice day.Happy crafting.


wow Look what I got.

my first and hopefully not my last.
My First award is from Margaret
Thank you Margaret.

The Rules
1. Only 5 people allowed
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3.One has to be new or recently new to your blog & live in a different part of the world
4.You must link back to whoever gave you the award
Quite simple really. It's a way of saying thank you to those who take time out for wonderful comments to boost your day.




Thursday, 24 July 2008

Remember when

Helloooooo all. OMG what a wonderful day. its soooooooooooo hot. but just to hot to sit out. I have all windows open.Little Ozzy dont know what to do with himself bless.
Hayley has friends round today. so there is 5 teenage girls up in her room having a laugh and joke, music blaring. lovely to hear them all having a laugh. its only day 2 of the school hols. wondering how long it will be before she says I'm bored. lol
Anyway I have at last had the chance to make my first Remember when card. I love it. but I have managed to give the little boy a hunch back. Andy loves these cards. |He even sat and watched Jak on create n craft.
right just going to upload the pic and then going to get myself a nice glass of cold juice with Ice.


Tuesday, 22 July 2008

my poppy

Well I had ago at Jak's Poppy, but not put it on a card as yet. cant make my mind up on the card itself yet.
Also pics of my darling ozzy and our guest. who wouldn't let me sleep last night.
His name is sky coming up for 3yrs. both dogs get on really well and are like a pair of kids.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Todays play

Today I have made 2 cards, only one to post as I haven't taken picture of the other. I have also had ago at making the poppy that Jak posted on her blog. pleased with the outcome, just got to put it on a card now. but its no where near Jak's.
dogs have warn themselves out. Ozzy wouldn't leave sky alone. Ozzy seems to be loving having a friend to play with.

what a lovely morning

wow Woke this morning to beautiful sunshine here in Hauxton.
today plans firstly we have to go and pick up mother in laws dog, she has gone away til Friday. left early this morning. so we are having her 3 yr old lab stay with us. mmmmmmmm now we have agreed to this thinking that our dear Ozzy may pick up some good points from him. on the other hand he may not. I am dreading it. can cope with one woofie but not sure about two.
I have a few card orders to do as well, if the woofies let me.
I also want to have ago at the poppy that Jak posted on here blog. so kind of her to share it with us.
well I had better go and get some jobs done before we go and get the darling little sky.
will post some pictures of him later.
take care all and enjoy your day.


Bev xx

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Another weekend gone

well not much to report about this weekend. its been a lazy one not done much at all.

I lie Saturday I made a card for my mum's birthday. Then I decided to have ago at making a no tools flower. its not turned out how I would have like so wont be posting a pic of it sorry. once I have perfected it then I will show a pic.

this is the card I made my mum, using Fred's flowers.

I have been browsing around some other blogs today, have alook here.I enjoyed browsing marlenes blog.


Bev xx

Friday, 18 July 2008

some more of yesterdays cards

another wedding one using joanna sheen wedding stamp and one made with fred's flower

Bev xx

yesterdays play

well I have nearly caught up with my card orders.
only another 2 to go,then I can start making some to put in my stock box which is getting very low. Hope you like what you see.
Bev xx

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Hello from sunny hauxton. well the H word is done for today. I have 5 card orders to make today. And I just cant get motivated. Two of which are wedding cards. I just cant decide what to do. I have some Joanna sheen wedding stamps which I purchased at the NEC last November not even been out the packet yet. (I'm not much of a stamper). I keep looking at the stamps but just cant picture a finished card.
I Really would love to get into stamping more, but everything ends up in the bin, as I am not happy with the end results.
they other cards are for a first birthday, and I have many ideas for them, so maybe I will sort them first.
I am well proud of Hayley she has put herself forward at school to be part of a peer Mentoring scheme. it is an opportunity for students to be involved in supporting each other and to gain some valuable training in mentoring and listening. she will again a accreditation and a recognised certificate from it.
Simon has his second driving lesson tomorrow. he has said it is harder than he thought it would be. just got to get him to revise more on his theory test, as we have to book it.
well I think I am going to have a coffee and see what I can come up with for these cards.


Bev xx

Sunday, 13 July 2008


Firstly this is a card I finished today for a friend who's parents celebrate their golden Anniversary next week.

just done the normal boring things on saturday, yes you have it the swear word that begins with H.

Last night went into town with my hubby, sister and her hubby for a lovely meal . we went to the lucky star, chinese, resturant pay so much and eat as much as ya like, mmmmmmm it was yummy, but think we ate a little to much. we had a lovely evening.

Oh and if Cazz reads this.............just tell bernie we know how hard he works now........propping up the Bin (lol) bless him. I hope his evening stayed quiet for him and there was no trouble.

Today we have been for a nice long walk with ozzy, he loves going out. especially in the car.

He has been really good, starting to understand No and leave abit more now.

not really done much else today, updated my website with may and junes cards, but otherwise had a lazy afternoon just how sundays should be.

hope everyone else has enjoyed their weekends.


Bev xx

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Media n pastimes

Well been playing today getting to grips with adding my own header. done it at last.

I haven't been doing much card making of late. which is naughty really as now I am behind on orders. I have managed to get one made today using the media n pastimes embossing board from the glitter girls. This card was made for a customer who wanted something for her daughter who loves Gardening. I hadn't got the board and my local craft shop was waiting for some to come in. But the manager Amanda kindly let me borrow hers.

so here it is.
At least today the Weather has been better. Simon has had this week of work as it was his 17th birthday yesterday. so today he wanted to go and play golf, so we all went. yes me play useless at it really. we had fun we then went and had a nice pub lunch. 3.30 this afternoon he had his first driving lesson. bless him came home shattered and he was taken into cambridge. couldn't believe he was taken into a busy area for first lesson. Now I really must go and get on and get some cards done which are needed for saturday. byeeeeeeeeeeee for now.
Bev xxx

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Just want to say Hi.
I have decided if ya cant beat them you may as well join them. so I am going to give this blogging a go. At the moment I sit here thinking what the hell do I do now.lots to learn. so if you dont see much happening then you will have to bare with me. It's all new to me.
so please pop back and see how its going and if anyone can give me any tips that will help me please do. I think I will need all the help I can get lol.
Take care and be safe.